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Where to begin and stop the business development? Many trades can lay claim to, or at least include a component related to development. However, specific needs arise within companies and we are witnessing the emergence.

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Tenders have become in recent years a common practice of all procurement processes in the world of sales B to B. They reflect the weight of purchasing departments and intensity of competition.

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Investment codes

The development of domestic markets and regional integration are essential to create larger and more integrated markets, in conjunction with increased regulatory convergence, will help to attract investment. All agencies have an investment code

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Publications page of the site African investment promoting agency is to ensure editing publications of the institutions of African Communities and its investors

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In Africa, the seeds are not only in the basement. They are also in the trash. Some have understood: most local financial players, many African and some bold investors insightful investors, the Anglo-Saxon majority. African finance is booming.

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